Everything Lovely ♥

Everything Lovely is my  clothing line.


Everything Lovely clothing is a self representation of free spirit and open minded attitude with a deep-rooted love for expression, creativity and freedom. Beauty is of aesthetic and internal importance, while presenting & preserving a positive attitude is reflective of her confident & abundant character. This woman is of  exceedingly Lovely taste and style. Statement pieces that complement and accentuate the figure work best for her day to evening transitions. Classic silhouettes merged with innovative styles and trends create the perfect palette for this fashion forward and powerful woman. Her style is a bold confirmation of her inner beauty, which is confident and passionate, just as she is.

Everything Lovely is  focused in accentuating and aiding in assisting a woman to discover her unique and individual natural beauty. She is aware not only of her power as a woman, but as a human being- acknowledging and understanding the extent of which her thoughts shape her reality. In appreciating our role in this magical environment and the love for the jazzy things in life, she truly desires to help the Earth through her own individual passion. She will elevate her intelligence and artistic inspirations into a successful career, persistently driving towards her goals and strong-heartedly overcoming any odds that may present themselves as a challenge. She never minds taking the leader role in any situation; while remaining outgoing, outspoken and free-spirited. She loves to remain in motion while modestly taking the center of attention in any positive and social environment; whether it be: Social gatherings, Hot Spots, Artistic venues, Social Parties, Dinner affairs, Evening nightlife or any event where a Fashion forward style is acquired. She is noted for her passion of Everything Lovely.

“Love Earth. Love Life. Love Yourself…. Love Everything Lovely”

-Jessica Lovely

My Evening Wear

Jezebel Allure collection

My Recycled Clothing Line

“Everything Can Be Lovely” is my Eco-friendly line of clothing! Here is a glimpse of my recent collection,Organic Garden.

Click here to see the video.

My Fashion Illustration|

“Love Earth. Love Life. Love yourself. Love Everything Lovely”



One Response to “Everything Lovely ♥”

  1. Jacqueline June 15, 2011 at 2:24 am #

    LoVELy 😉 mwAzies LadieZ ❤

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