So You Wanna Be a Designer- Reality Series!!

16 Apr

The fashion industry is exciting and challenging for novices and experienced designers alike. Recognizing this, Kenmore has created ‘So You Wanna Be a Designer’, a Kenmore Live Studio online fashion reality series, as a means for Americans to venture into the business highlighting their creativity and offering business benefits such as exposure to top designers, stylists and photographers to learn the inner workings of the industry.

For eight weeks the reality show will stream live on Kenmore’s Facebook pageto show budding designers at work, making their dreams a reality. Through the series, contestants will learn how to navigate the barriers of entering the design world: how to create and launch a brand, and how to price, present and promote designs successfully, among other things.

And guess what?? I am one of the contestants!!!!!!! =D

You can watch us receive our design challenge at 9:00am on Tuesday morning. Continue watching the LIVE stream until Thursday at noon, when we turn in our creations!! Then, tune back in on Thursday at 7:00pm CT to see the Live show and judging!!! PLUS, YOU can VOTE from home!!!!! So, PLEASE Support my dream and VOTE Every Thursday! It only takes a few minutes & you are helping me accomplish my dream!!!! xoxo, Jessica Lovely 😉

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One Response to “So You Wanna Be a Designer- Reality Series!!”

  1. Jess June 28, 2011 at 6:24 am #

    hey, whats the name of the song on your blog?


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