2012 Material Direction|

12 Jan

For autumn/winter 2012/13, material exploration is polarised between the revisiting of long-forgotten techniques and experimental processes with radical scientific outcomes.

A new economical and ecological approach to material use sees a new thrift philosophy emerging, reflected through a feral foraging in the theme Archaic and the quick-craft DIY rehashing in Rehab.

Familiar elemental material choices explore a future archaeology aesthetic through an excavated rough-hewn feel in Archaic, while the Juxtapose story carefully considers material pairings through embedding and joining, using new prototyping techniques with a reasoned functionality.

The theme of joining reappears in the story Framework, with exposed mechanics, articulated movement and fretwork formations redefining a new simplicity in structure amid chaos. In contrast the immersive theme Atmosphere influences a shifting towards sensory and almost intangible materials, that respond and adapt to temporal climatic conditions.

New responses to our immediate environment are played out in the theme Post Nature. Post Nature’s material sphere deals with engineered eco-systems, influencing a laboratory approach to modified and synthesised organics.

These key themes will be further developed as a standalone Materials Forecast, defining form, surface and finish in line with industry product development. |source


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