Featured Designer| Vintage Royalty

27 Aug

The artistic collection Vintage Royalty has beautifully developed handmade artwork and infused it into unique jewelery. Meena’s work adds the perfect zest to jazz up just about any outfit! Her brightly hued color palette instantly caught my attention, plus her affordable prices make it worthwhile for you to  have your cake, and eat it too!  A jazzy play on vintage infused with a splash of futurism make the perfect accessory to compliment your ensemble 😉 You can check out her online store here!

Vintage Royalty was officially created in 2008 and specializes in jewelry made of paper. I have been playing with the idea of this jewelry for over 4 years and have finally decided on a consistent look for them. They are vintage looking paper earrings, necklaces, and brooches created for girls and guys of the fashion and entertainment scene.

The Stacey Earring

The initial collection I created was inspired while I was working at my school art gallery. I met an art student who got some cool paper from Japan and used it for other projects. I thought to myself, what else can you do with paper? I started to do research and stumbled upon the idea of using paper for accessories. My friend had on a pair of earrings from the thrift store that were huge and plastic and were the tackiest things you have ever seen and I loved them!!! Once I saw those I came back home and knew the direction I needed to go into. The jewelry I make is bold and bright, colorful and are for an individual who wants to make a statement. The pieces I can create are endless and they are always evolving as I get more inspired and as I learn new techniques. Other influences that I’ve had include different prints, paintings, Marc Jacobs jewelry, Boxing Kitten clothing, and the people around me.

Arianna Earring

Currently, I have been featured in Clutch Magazine, Read Convention Magazine, Swagger Paris, and numerous blogs. I am a favorite of the underground music scene here in New York and London and have worked with many stylists and photographers. My pieces are unique, affordable, and always grab a lot of attention.

Lola Earring


I thought to create earrings that describe all the different girls, all the different trends, all the different fashionistas out there.

Each piece has it’s own personality. Go through the selections that we have and find the one that describes YOU, your friend, your co-worker, whoever.

We also specialize in making everything UNIQUE for your preference. If you like the style, but not the color…let us know and we can change it. If you like everything but the size, we can make it bigger, we can make it smaller. If you want your earrings as brooches, we can do that TOO!!!

Vintage Royalty is the very first fiber made jewelry line to specialize in vintage inspired pieces, unique for every single customer.



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