Primal Futurism -Interiors: Spring/summer 2012

9 Aug

Taking inspiration from his own collection, Jean Paul Gautier has transformed the Elle Decoration suite in Paris into a jungle haven.  The garden is brought into the home, as trailing shrubs climb the walls, exotic plants weave in and out of the furniture and foliage-inspired prints adorn the walls.

A leaf house or Mongulu – typically lived in by the Baka and Begyeli tribes of the Cameroon rainforest – was constructed at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010.

The rainforest garden and leaf house was the work of Green & Black, who worked with four women from the Baka and Begyeli communities, to raise awareness of global warming and how it is threatening our rainforests and the people who live there.

Brazilian artist Jarbas Lopes utilises his country’s traditional methods of craft making, such as rattan weaving, in his work. He playfully applies these traditional methods to everyday functioning objects, combining natural resources with mechanical appliances.

Internationally renowned textile fibre artist Sheila Hicks uses natural dyes to achieve the desired earthy tones. These abstract compositions are woven and pieced together to create rich tactile structures.

Nacho Carbonell experiments with recycling the natural and man-made to create distinctive finishes for his furniture. The Lover’s Chair is made from recycled paper. The paper pulp is applied to different structures and patterns of chicken wire, which then gives each item a very unique textural surface.

At the initial stage of the process, before the paper is made into a pulp, newspaper is divided into different colour groups. This allows for the pulp to be naturally dyed by the newspaper ink, which then creates the beautifully rich earthy tones.

Carbonell’s unique use of recycled materials encourages the textured finish and rough surfaces to naturally develop. Other materials used by Carbonell are gravel, thorns, resin, broken glass, wood and hair filaments


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