You are Beautiful- Jazzy Girl of the Month

8 Jul

“You are Beautiful!”

We are all beautiful, and it is important that WE know this before anything else! Beyond any conceived notions that you may have learned; We are all beautiful because we are all different and unique… yet, we are all cohesive! To understanding true beauty, you must simply, yet deeply, look within yourself and discover the true you!

In developing your inner beauty, you might ask yourself: What is my passion? What are my dreams, hopes & aspirations? What do I genuinely care about? What is important in my life? What are my true desires in  life? What emotions do I  feel most? How do I make others feel? How do I wish to feel everyday? And finally, what image am I Projecting to the World for everyone to see!?

After exploring and determining your most truest feelings, the quest then, to discovering your beauty is owning it! Beauty is definitely more than skin deep! It is more than finding our personal style and reflecting that for the world, but also reaching harmony with your inner beauty beyond your physique. This is the very powerful combination  that makes us glow!

“There is a World within, a World of thought and feeling and power. Of life and light and beauty. And although invisible, it’s forces are mighty. As we become conscious of the wisdom in the world within we mentally take possession of this wisdom, and by taking mental possession we come into actual possession of the power and wisdom necessary to bring into manifestation the essentials necessary for our most complete and harmonious development.”

It might help to remember ” inner beauty” as “beautiful thoughts”! Not only are you presenting a jazzy appearance for others to see, you are also projecting positivity from your thoughts for you and others to feel! Which reflects through your aura! (Sort of like a mood ring, it changes colors reflecting our emotions and persona depending on our current energy frequency).

Consistent positive thoughts will bring a constant glow to your outer body! The key to maintaining positive thoughts is simply to turn EVERY negative thought into a prosperous one!  So challenge yourself! When you’re in a tough situation, simply wish for anything you want! And not only when things are rough but let every thought you have be a wish for anything to make your life perfect! When these thoughts have reached a consistent level of conciseness through your mind, you will have reached a level of inner harmony because it will shine around you! Completely Beautiful inside and out:) Everyone around you will be aware of your inner glow.. You simply have to let go… And wish!

In honor of the beautiful young women who are not only stunning on the outside but on the inside as well, I have created Jazzy Girl of the Month.

This first official Jazzy Girl of the Month is the lovely and talented Kristen Nichole. She not only glistens with beauty, she is intelligent, driven, creative and persistent in turning her dreams into reality! She is the spokes model for a clothing brand, has her own individual style, plus she is an amazing singer! But most of all, Kristen has a stunning inner beauty!

1. How do you define your personal style and what is your inspiration?

My style is Urban, comfortable, and girly. What I wear depends on
the day, or where I’m going. I honestly don’t have a style inspiration
but I love the things I see people wearing in California. It’s so
relaxed and effortless. I’m really just a store browser and I pick up
what I like.

2. Do you have a favorite trend, Are there any you’d like to see disappear?

I don’t really follow trends I just like to wear what I think
looks good on me. If skinny jeans and leggings are a trend then I
never want it to go away! I used to work at Hollister Co. for years so
I’m very into a relaxed LA attire. I love ripped jeans, sundresses,
bright colors, and anything off the shoulder, but when I get dressed
up, you could see me in so many different things! I’m not sure if it’s
a trend anymore but I hate when guys wear clothes that don’t fit. Tall
Tees and pants that are too big for you are not what’s up. And on
young women, I think it’s okay to stand out but I’ve never understood
people who walk around in costumes or goth wear to purposely “not fit
in.” If that’s your thing then all power to you! But when you’re
trying to not “fit in” you’re still fitting in with the people doing
the same thing you are lol.

3. What is the importance of self-expression through fashion?

I think self expression is very important. I wear a lot of things that
my friends would never wear because I’m so girly and they might think
it’s “doing too much” but on me, they consider it normal. I’m very
happy, bright, and all about having fun on the inside and I think my
style reflects that on the outside. The more pink the better, and the
more sequins I’m all for it. But sometimes sequins can go too far.
There is a point where it gets gaudy so be aware.

4. Where do you shop? Are labels important to you?

I shop a lot of places. I’m a college student so I’m not big on labels
but if I had a closet full of them I wouldn’t complain! But I’ll wear
almost anything out of American Apparel. Most clothing I buy from
there or Forever 21, or even wet seal on the occasion. I fell in love
with the vintage shops in New York. I wish I could locate some in my

5. Do you have any tips for other jazzy girls?

I say wear what you love and don’t worry about wearing what’s “in”
right now. I do check out the fashion blogs including
but I don’t let that determine what I wear all the time. There’s easy
ways to replicate those same looks without breaking the bank. Believe
me, a nice pair of skinny jeans, heels, and a plain white fitted
T-shirt with the right accessories can look like gold.

Catch up with Kristen|

And ALWAYS Remember:

Be Good To You!

Be Yourself ~ Truthfully

Accept Yourself ~ Gracefully

Value Yourself ~ Joyfully

Forgive Yourself ~ Completely

Treat Yourself ~ Generously

Balance Yourself ~ Harmoniously

Bless Yourself ~ Abundantly

Trust Yourself ~ Confidently

Love Yourself ~ Wholeheartedly

Empower Yourself ~ Prayerfully

Give Of Yourself ~ Enthusiastically

Express Yourself ~ Radiantly


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