There is Only Good| Thats What She Said

13 Apr

There is Only Good

With so much pessimism and negativity in the world any form of good is refreshing like a burst of life. Yet, what a lot of us fail to realize is that we have the power to turn a negative into the positive. The concept of good and bad is just a matter of perception. What would the world be like if only good existed? Some would say that a world like that is impossible, but is it? If good and bad is just a matter of perception, what would happen if the term “bad” became extinct in our minds; it can be it all starts from within.

Try to think of everything in terms of good. Instead of thinking about the bad in something only focus on the good, whether it a person, place, or thing. By doing this you only will attract only the good. You will grow to appreciate things for what they are versus just dismissing them because you first perceived them as bad. I used this technique when listening to music, instead of thinking a certain type of music is “bad” I instead try to appreciate something from it whether it is that it had a hot beat or made me want to dance. Thinking like that keeps your thoughts positive instead of turning them into negativity. Negativity is no ones friend.

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Thanks Mimzie 8)


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