Obama| State of the Union

28 Jan

President Obama addressed the nation before a joint session of Congress. In his speech focusing on the economy and the promotion of his economic agenda,  Obama encouraged persistent participation and focused on tax breaks for  small businesses, giving college students better opportunities, as well as an array of benefits for the middle class.

Obama’s Full State of the Union Address Here

Read Speech Review from USA Today Here

Excerpts from Obama’s speech Here

Republicans Response Here

CBS News conducted an instant poll after the speech and found the response to be overwhelmingly positive: 83% of speech watchers approve of the proposals the president made in his speech tonight. 17% Disapprove.

In his speech President Obama said jobs would be “the number one focus in 2010,” and the poll shows  the president seems to have changed the minds of many speech watchers. After listening to the president, 59 percent of viewers said Mr. Obama has a clear plan for creating jobs, while 41 percent said he does not. Before the speech those numbers were almost exactly reversed.

Seventy-six percent of speech watchers generally approved of Mr. Obama’s plans for dealing with the economy, up 21 percentage points from before the speech. President Obama laid out a plan for freezing spending for discretionary government programs for three years starting in 2011, and this seems to have resonated — 72 percent of those questioned approved of the plan.

Viewers were also more optimistic about the impact of President Obama’s economic plans after watching the speech. Seventy-one percent said his economic plans will help ordinary Americans – up from 55 percent before the speech — and 56 percent were left thinking his plans will reduce the budget deficit in the long run, up from 41 percent. more


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