Rihanna in W Magazine

13 Jan

Whether or not her fans accept this new side of Rihanna, making the album was a cathartic experience for her. “I started to go crazy after about a month in the house,” she says of the time after her split from Brown, “so I went back to work, and the mic was my therapist. With the mic, there were no negative comments, no negative energy.”

It wasn’t that she had no one to turn to. While she has a strained relationship with her Irish-Barbadian father, a former drug addict who was abusive to her mother during Rihanna’s childhood, she talks warmly of her mom, a retired Guyanese-born accountant, and her two brothers, 20 and 13, who she says are unimpressed by her fame. “This whole lifestyle—they want no part of it,” she says, laughing. “My younger one, he’s really smart, like a science nerd, so he’s so not into this.”

She also boasts a strong support system Stateside, citing current and former Def Jam execs Jay-Z, Jay Brown, Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith and L.A. Reid, as well as her managers, the beauty professionals in her entourage and her best friend–roommate, Melissa Forde (whom she’s rarely seen without), as members of her second family. But she says that after the incident, confiding in those who cared about her most was, in some ways, the hardest. “It’s like they are too close to you,” she explains. “When you have to talk about something so painful, they are going to get too emotional. And that wasn’t helping me, because I already felt the same way and I’m looking to not feel like this. I felt like, If I’m going to tell you something and you’re going to have pity for me, then I’m not going to talk to you.”

Read it ALL:  HERE!


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