Kelis Speaks on Lady Ga Ga & Rihanna:

11 Dec

R&B artist Kelis took some time with Pop Bytes  for an exclusive interview after signing a new deal with Interscope Records. Here’s what she had to say:

On Lady Gaga
She’s a youngin. I appreciate it. It’s interesting actually. I appreciate her visually. I really appreciate her visually. I say this all the time, being pretty is exhausting and it’s boring. I think that when you are not afraid to not be pretty and just kind of go there… and I’m not saying that she’s not pretty but I’m saying that as far as the choices she makes fashion wise… That’s what’s fun.

She’s separate from it because she’s white. As a black female I always say, “Look at us”. The ones that they let in, we pretty much all look the same at the end of the day. WE are all the same complexion, same color hair, same’s like “where’s the variation”. And its because what’s safe and what’s acceptable..and what’s pretty. Pretty is annoying and it’s boring. You don’t get any credit for being pretty because it’s what your parents did and what God did so if you can actually do something creative and do something that’s not always easy on the eye, I can appreciate it.

On how she feels about Rihanna Jacking Her Style
“You know what. Listen, it’d be totally ridiculous for me to not acknowledge it if someone asks. The reality is, what is she like 20? I mean, what else is she supposed to do? I mean honestly. I don’t have any animosity at all whatsoever. That’s what she’s supposed to do.”

What do you think about it?


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